Important Quick post/HTML Edit and uses for blogger

If you are still a beginner in blogger and might want to know some tools in 
blogger post 

background and there uses, I guess this article would be helpful, now take a look at the 

above picture and you would see exactly the same frame in blogger post background, I will 

briefly explain to you the uses of this simple tools and how it would help you publish your 

articles in a very neat and bold style.

Compose: In this section, you will be able to edit your article without the stress 

of any HTML code, you can view and arrange your post in a simple style and

however, you want it to appear on your blog or website.

HTML:  In This section, you will need a little knowledge of coding in order to 
accomplish the designs and styles you want your articles to look like.

Example: if you want to make a paragraph in the other line of the sentence 
you will need to add a tag <p> ending with </p>, without adding this tags in your article, the articles won't look good and organized.

UNDO : This would help if you mistakenly delete your post, you can press CTRL 
Z on your keyboard or you can press this for your data recovery.

ADD POST TITLE: I  am talking about this here because I know it is very 
necessary both for SEO and for your blog if you don't have a post title readers won't know what your article is for or what you are trying to communicate to them.

INSERT JUMP BREAK: This is very good for the blogger looking to shortened 
there post on the main post section in order to get the actual design they want, This tool would help especially for people using the simple Template that can only drop texts without a summary.

WRITE SEARCH DESCRIPTION: This is good for SEO, In case if people type a 
word on a google search engine, depending on what you have in your search description, it would show the section in your blog that has that same thing the person is looking for.

PUBLISH: If you click this all the articles you have been writing inside the box 
will be visible to people to read on your site/blog. I hope this helps.

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