Recover deleted blog post on Blogger


 How to recover deleted blog post on Blogger – draft, published post 

what occurs on the off chance that you coincidentally erase that blog entry or somebody 

who has access to your blog erased that post? All your diligent work is vanished in just 

seconds, right! In Blogger you have the element to recoup erased blog yet 

there is no, for example, an alternative to fix an erased blog entry. It might occur on

 occasion what's more, recall that blog entry once erased is gone… Poof! generally 

unpleasant minute for a Blogger when the individual in question incidentally erases his/her post. On the off chance that you 

are in such state at that point no stresses, in light of the fact that there are a few conceivable approaches to 

recuperate an erased blog entry. Here we will demonstrate to you industry standards to recoup erased blog entry on Blogger. 

The most effective method to recuperate erased blog entry on Blogger (Draft & Published post) 

All web crawlers keep a store of your listed pages and the reserved variant 

will be refreshed each time when crawler access or you make any alteration. 

Just in Google type for cache: you will see a stored 

duplicate of your site that is the thing that keep going showed up on Google. Presently explore through your site and search for that erased post (or) on the off chance that in the event that you realize the post title 

name or URL at that point look for it in Google. It will give you the correct
results, in the event that you look beside that post URL you will see a little bolt like symbol
confronting downwards. Simply drop down that and open the reserved adaptation of your
blog entry or page. 

Google nearly stores everything; don't stress on the off chance that if any of the substance like pictures are absent in your reserved page we can even now recuperate the erased post totally. 

View the page wellspring of that stored adaptation that is you can right tap on that
page and select view page source or utilize console easy route CTRL + U. 

Next, in page source discover the "postID" by squeezing CTRL + F and note it
down. Not natural about post ID, here is the thing that you have to think about Blogger
blog ID and post ID. 

In the wake of finding your post ID go to your Blogger dashboard that is the blog in which
you erased the post. Next, go to posts and alter any post, this won't demolish your
existing post so get it done. 

Presently in the event that you take a gander at the URL above you will see blog ID and post ID like the one beneath. Simply supplant the post ID that you replicated from source window and afterward hit enter. 

(or on the other hand) iframe.g?blogID=5253387292569090746&postID=2923331380705329993 

You will now ready to see the erased post with all its substance, simply click distribute and on the off chance that you get any mistake message, duplicate the entire substance from HTML proofreader and make another post with same date and URL. 

Recuperate erased blog entry on Blogger utilizing blog sustains
Have you syndicated your Blogger RSS channels with Feedburner? Feedburner is a 

benefit that conveys substance to your supporters; know how to setup Feedburner
for Blogger. Once in the wake of distributing a blog entry, Feedburner will naturally 

make a duplicate of that post and conveys it to your blog supporters. So on the off chance that you take a gander at your feed you can discover the erased post, however the accomplishment of recouping that post will rely upon how you designed your feeds that is a full post or short form. 

Seek this post will be useful after you to recuperate erased blog entry on Blogger. In the event that your case is totally unique or on the off chance that you realize some other strategies to recoup erased blog entry at that point please told me in remarks.
Controlling access to your blog is basic, you can welcome an author to write in your blog without letting full access to your blog. 

Assume you have to welcome a friend to write in your blog, All you have to do is just send a solicitation to the email through blogger dashboard gave to welcome new essayists.

Let others edit your blog 

Sign in to Blogger. Select the blog to update. In the left menu, click Settings > Basic > Permissions.In the "Blog Authors" section, click +Add Authors. Enter the email address of the person you want to add. Click Invite Authors. 

As you can see in the picture above two emails, one an author and also the other admin, The  author can only write articles and publish on the blog without gaining full access to this blog, you can add up to 100 authors to your blog. whenever you invite a friend he accepts through email, The image below shows the kind of message the invited would receive from blogger, The other invited user will only appear on the list when he has accepted the invitation. 

You might also want to move your blog to another user by letting the user access the blog settings and everything needed to control your blog, that is the other user will now gain full access to your blog or maybe you want to move your blog to another email account. 

Move a blog to a new owner 

To move a blog from one owner to another: 

The signs x is used from deleting the author from the blog while the drop-down can be used from switching users to either Admin or Author. 

Follow the steps above to let others edit your blog. 

Remove access to the original blog owner. 
To change the name of the posts of the original blog owner, the new blog owner will have to delete and republish the posts.