Beginner Guide: How To Start A Blog From Scratch

A number of the technics I have discussed for earning money calls for that you have your personal internet site, that is due to the fact an internet site or blog can function a critical hub for all of your advertising efforts, the website is a way of generating sales on your online cash making goals, today I'm able to display you many of the additives that pass into starting a weblog from scratch and how to use blogger to set up a blog from scratch.

the first step we are able to observe the starting stage before you start, you have to make a way that will make your blog effective. you ought to pose the accompanying inquiries: 

what is my blog vital area of interest? 

what is your blog motivation? by what approach will you make the most of your blog? (promoting, advertising and marketing, merchandise) 

what number of contenders are for your market? 

what's going to make your web page emerge from the group? 

by means of what approach will you create a pastime or site visitors for your site? 

what sum of money do you assume that your site will produce?

2: choose an awesome domain call and host, you could make studies on a domain and host suitable for you earlier than you begin.

start creating fresh content 

the most crucial component that you can do once your new web page is prepared for motion starts growing contents. the preliminary couple of posts that you compose are critical for putting the overall heading and tone of your website. you want to compose those posts yourself and set apart the possibility to lead them to extraordinarily great. those presents allude on a column post seeing that this is an auspicious content so that it will carry in extra traffic for pretty a long term.

These posts ought to solve some question or deliver some knowledge that people are looking for. 

I loaded my website with numerous noteworthy contents in the first region. "the oonly aapproach to
" posts are my top picks in light of the truth that those posts are pertinent for a tremendous duration of time and that they give precious information that my customers can profit through. having a completely unique tackle a famous subject matter is one way to help your website benefit traction in its early days.

The maximum essential thing is to get first-rate original content material up in your site.

A special reward is that these posts typically do nicely in google additionally. I never compose to 
rank excessive in google, but, I do decorate my substance as soon as it's miles composed with the goal that it'll rank higher. the latest panda replace has proven simply how essential writing unique content material is to an internet site’s fulfillment.

Now Let's Look at steps you can start creating your Blog Below

  How To Start A Blog From Scratch

1: First Create your Gmail Account Here 

2: Go To on your Browser and sign in with your recently created Gmail 

account, then click on Create New Blog.

 Enter a Unique Title for your blog

The address is where you fill in the domain name you want your blog to have, you can change 
the hosted domain to any uniques domain of your choice later

Choose a Theme

You Can choose a Theme in your blogger for free or you can go for a customized theme 
from scratch and if in any way you need a custom Template installed in your blogger just to look like this website you are reading now or you have an idea design you want to create from scratch, Just to make your blog look more professional, Just feel free to contact here (CONTACT FORM) and I will assist you in any way.

 How to start a blog from scratch

Now click on create blog, you will see a blog filled like the above image, without any articles yet published.

Now this is time to start posting your articles in your blog.

Click on New Post.

Start posting and publishing your articles, 

Title: write your article title
Compose: Write your full article you want your users to see and read 
Publish: Make your article go live on the internet for users to find.
Save: you can save your article if you have not completed it yet until it is ready for publishing.
Preview: if you do not want your article to go live yet, you can view it as you compose to be sure you are satisfied with it before publishing.

Labels: you can also call this tag, you can easily differentiate your posts making it easier for readers to locate the exact topic they want to see.
Schedule : This tool can help you backdate your post or schedule the posting